Susanna Robar Ministries - Dwelling Safe in Christ our Lord . . . Psalm 91:1
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Topics & Formats
Topics Offered:
  • Unspeakable Crimes: Historical Perspectives
  • Measuring the Effects: Sexual Assault Defined With Statistics
  • There is Hope: Stages of Recovery and the Healing Process
  • "No!" Should Be Enough: Misconceptions About Sexual Assault
  • Raising the Bar: Sexual Assault Prevention
  • "Stop it!": Stopping the Cycle & Holding the Offender Accountable
  • ChildWise © Program: Protecting Our Children From Predators & Traffickers
  • "Where Was God?": Answers to Profound Questions
  • "Forgiveness? You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!": What Does God Really Say About Forgiveness?
  • Color Me His! ©: Developing   Social Graces Through Inner Beauty &  Confident Strength
  • Personal Story of Rescue, Recovery  &  Renewal        Susanna's Story
Flexible Formats:
  • 4 Week, 6 Week, 8 Week Studies
  • Workshop Arrangements
  • Seminar Style Presentations
  • Guest or Feature Speaker
  • In-Service Training
Churches & Groups That Have Heard This Message:
  • The Church On The Way
     Van Nuys, CA
  • The Church At Rocky Peak Chatsworth, CA
  • San Fernando Valley Baptist Women's Association Canoga Park, CA
  • PathwayCF Church Northridge, CA
  • First United Methodist  Church, San Fernando, CA
  • The Little White Chapel Burbank, CA
  • Pregnancy Help Clinic Glendale, CA
  • Women's Club of Burbank Burbank, CA
  • San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council
     Reseda, CA
  • Burbank Community Assoc. Burbank, CA
Proverbs 9:9
Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.    ©1998-2012 Susanna Shutz Robar    Purple~Heart Press
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