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Susanna Robar Ministries

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All contents of this website are fully included in all terms, conditions, statements, disclaimers and policies herein.


Do not use this website if you are under the age of 18, or if you do not agree with any part of, or if you do not agree with the whole of these terms, conditions, statements, disclaimers or policies.




The Susanna Robar Ministries (hereinafter designated as SRM) website is an educational forum only.

SRM Does Not:

  • give counsel, advice, or opinions in reference to any traumatic event related to any particular individual or group of individuals.


  • collect sexual violence trauma stories from any and all individuals for any purpose.

  • answer any questions that suggest a counseling or therapeutic focus.

  • respond to any questions or any comments that might require a medical professional response or professional intervention.



SRM Does:

  • inform and make aware, using straightforward observations regarding sexual violence.

  • put forth instruction, information, statistics and personal review for those who are intentional in being part of the solution to the sexual violence/ human trafficking problem at large.

  • put forth instruction, information, statistics and personal review that might lead toward healing for the victim/survivor of sexual violence.

  • identify and acknowledge resources for further information regarding sexual violence and for counseling purposes.


The Information Contained Herein Is:

  • to be used as a guideline toward safe self-care where warranted, and for the safe care of others where warranted.


  • not meant to take the place of or be a substitute for any required or warranted professional services of any kind.

  • not meant to be a diagnostic tool or in any other way a predictor of the behavior of any individual.

Any and All Persons Who Use the SRM Website:

  • and with a relevant need, and who require the intervention of professional help: SRM trusts that such users are seeking out such medical professional help in the event that they are suffering from any problem, difficulty, trouble or crisis; or if there is a question that such services might be of importance.

  • must not discount or disrespect any professional advice previously received if presently contracted with a medical professional, for the improvement, correction, recovery or amelioration of any and all conditions, as a result of any information viewed on this website.


SRM Recognized Resources Are:

  • for those desiring Christian counseling -


1. New Life Ministries -

2. Focus on the Family -



  • for those needing crisis counseling in the wake of a traumatic event, and for those wanting further information regarding sexual violence and human trafficking -


1. RAINN -

2. Valley Trauma Counseling Center -


Susanna's Story I and Susanna's Story II are personal accounts contained on this website that relate events that are real and true. With respect for the reader, no profanity or other gratuitous language is used. Various names of persons and/or specific locations may have been modified. These modifications are certainly not intended for the protection of the perpetrators. The changes are expressly meant for the respect and privacy of those who might otherwise be identified as connected in some way to the described events, and who, by personal choice, have not revealed their own story of past abuse or other connection.


Susanna Robar Ministries and all connected parties are not liable for any and all actions or any and all choices taken by or caused by any and all individuals or groups as a result of viewing, using, employing, or benefiting from some or all of the materials on this website.



The Human Trafficking page on this website contains the California Child Pornography Law, as found, according to the National District Attorney's Association - National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse -



CAL. PENAL CODE § 311.1 (2009) refers to the sale or distribution of obscene matter depicting persons under the age of 18.

CAL. PENAL CODE § 311.2 (2009) refers to the production, distribution, or exhibition of obscene matter.

CAL. PENAL CODE § 311.3 (2009) refers to the sexual exploitation of child.

CAL. PENAL CODE § 311.4 (2009) refers to the employment of a minor in sale or distribution of obscene matter or production of pornography.

CAL. PENAL CODE § 311.10 (2009) refers to the advertisement of obscene matters depicting minors.

CAL. PENAL CODE § 311.11 (2009) refers to the possession or control of child pornography; persons previously convicted guilty of felony.


BEWARE - The reading of the entirety of this California state code of Law will make obvious, and will clarify, explicit and detailed information and specific definitions connected with such criminal activities as described above, and more specifically, will clarify in a detailed manner which specific activities constitute these crimes.


It is permissible to copy materials from the SRM website for individual, personal use (not for-profit) and without the written permission of Susanna Robar Ministries only when each page of copied material correctly includes SRM contact information as listed directly below:



Purple-Heart Press

1998-2014 © SusannaShutzRobar



Materials on the SRM website may not be used by any individual or group for the purpose of monetary advantage or financial benefit of any kind and/or within any specific media.



Editing, re-publishing or adapting any materials found on the SRM website is prohibited without previous written permission from SRM.


Prior written permission for the use of all materials on the SRM website may be acquired by directly contacting SRM at


SRM uses the personal information provided by individuals to this website expressly for the purpose of communication between SRM and such individuals.

Individual and/or personal information will not be sold or otherwise

distributed to any other entity at any time by SRM.

SRM does not and will not misappropriate individual and or personal

information at any time or for any purpose.

If you choose to update your personal information with this website or remove your personal information from this website for any reason, please contact SRM at


The testimonials regarding opinions and/or recommendations regarding SRM

classes, seminars, and/or workshops have been used with the express permission of said individuals, who have participated in such activities, with the knowledge that such testimonials might be used in various SRM materials, including, but not restricted to, the SRM website and without any compensation, financial or otherwise.


All Scripture references on the SRM website are from the New King James Version of the Holy Bible, unless noted otherwise.

Each page on the SRM website contains one verse or several verses of scripture, with the exception of the Thought For the Week, which contains one scripture reference for each week, beginning on a Friday morning. 


The Susanna Robar Ministries website was written by Susanna Shutz Robar, and all written contents are managed by Susanna Shutz Robar.

Daniel 2:20-22

Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,

for wisdom and might are His.

And He changes the times and the seasons;

He removes kings and raises up kings;

He gives wisdom to the wise

and knowledge to those who have understanding;

He reveals deep and secret things;

He knows what is in the darkness,

and light dwells with Him.

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