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YOU Make the Difference!

Rape, or sexual assault, is not about the sex. But it is about power and control: an act of violence against another human being. When God created physical

intimacy between a husband and his wife, He

never intended it to be used as a weapon upon anyone.



However, when sex is used in a violent way, it does

become a means to an end. In this kind of situation, sex

is merely a weapon used by the perpetrator to gain

control within a framework of power.



When anyone uses their body to execute a

sexual crime, that person alone has made such a

decision. Many times, it is a planned event.



Rape and sexual assault are not about the sex!


“...meeting a man’s need for sex...” or

“...meeting a woman’s need for attention...”

must never be confused with rape.



The idea that rape happens just because a man

must have his sexual needs met, or because a woman needs attention, promotes a negative perpetrator mentality

within our society. A perpetrator mentality implies that

someone other than the perpetrator is responsible

and culpable for the assault, i.e.,

"Men just can’t help it." or "The woman/child

pushed him beyond the point of no return."



In order to stop the cycle, we must collectively hold

those who commit these violent acts responsible

for their crimes, and support rape victims

in their recovery and healing.



Rape and sexual assault affect everyone in our communities, and they happen in many forms; these include molestation, acquaintance rape, stranger

rape, incest and ritual abuse.



Usually the perpetrator is someone the victim knows

and trusts. Victims can be women, children,

and men, and from all racial, cultural, religious,

and economic backgrounds.



YOU make the difference.



Do not blame the victim

and you will help everyone recover.



Remember: 90% of all rapes go unreported.



So make it safe for all those within your direct realm of influence to come forward and TELL somebody.

Proverbs 3:35

The wise shall inherit glory,

but shame shall be the legacy of fools.


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